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BWE manufacture and supply the original Conform™ and Conklad™ continuous extrusion machines and Cold Pressure Welders. Typical applications for Conform™ include: Copper & Aluminium Rectangular Wire (Magnet Wire for Transformers), Solid Aluminium Conductor (SAC for cables) Copper Bus Bar, Trolley Wire and other shaped conductors, Round Refrigeration Tube, Multiport or PFC Tubes in different alloys. Typical applications for Conklad™ include: AS Wire, OPGW and CATV. Innovation is key to our success and SheathEx™ is becoming the preferred method of 'seamless' sheathing HV and EHV cables from standard CCR aluminium rod. New developments include processing Titanium Powder and other granular feedstock.
Rolling, pressing, forming | wire manufacturing and finishing machinery | Fastener machinery ( bolts, nuts, rivets, nails) | Cable and strading machines